August 11, 2009

'Wild Misrepresentations'?! Listen up tough guy!

President Obama - we know your playbook.

When things aren't going your way, you go back to your one asset that hasn't failed you yet; the scripted speech. You put your spin on things in an eloquent way designed to convince the unsure.

The problem is, it isn't working like it used to work.

Now that you are President the bar has been set higher by the American people. Americans want to know details, they don't want to hear platitudes. After 6 months in office, the expectations have started to materialize and are replacing hope. The people who voted for you had hope. Now they are saying 'where's the change'? And the people who voted against you aren't the ones who your speech will work on.

Still, you are hell bent on getting your health care stamp on this Presidency. So convinced are you that once that genie is out of the bottle it will be irreversible. You may be right. But you aren't right about the possible success! And that's no wild misrepresentation - it's a fact. It's far more complex than an 'eloquent' speech. And the problem is the details just don't add up. Ask the Congressional Budget Office. Ask me. Quality, Quantity, Equality and Cost are 4 COMPETING needs when it comes to health care delivery. You don't have the answers because no one does!!

If it were that simple, every country would be doing the exact same thing as each other and there would be no one disputing you - not even the Republicans your party sees fit to characterize as Nazis, racists, KKK members, and a contrived mob. Seriously. We don't need more platitudes. We don't need more speeches. Tell us, no the onus is on you to prove to us, that your system will work. spell it out. Detail by detail. If you can't do that, how can you claim to be so confident?
The fallout of your latest speech
You may have once again shored up support temporarily by a few points, by speaking about it. But the people are onto you. They know how you operate. Just telling people everything will be alright doesn't mean it's true.

We are in the Show Me The Money zone now. You blew your collateral on the omnibus and stimulus packages early on. Perhaps you were taken advantage of by the Democrat vultures in the House and Senate who put their own pork projects ahead of your Presidential aspirations. Too bad, so sad. Tough luck. Maybe if you'd spent some time in the Senate prior to running for President you would have seen what you were up against. I guess the experience matters meme really did make some sense after all. Whatever collateral you had left at that point was further diminished by the cap and trade foolishness - in a recession no less. You are being ideological instead of pragmatic.

I digress. People, having seen those trillions committed are now understandably reticent to buy in to your newer proposals on faith. They aren't mobs of racists Mr. President, they are concerned citizens. And they simply are being, not ideological but rather pragmatic. The opposite of you. That dooms you to dwindling support provided you don't suddenly become a pragmatic President. It happened to your Democratic Presidential predecessor Bill Clinton. He had to govern from the center because the country voted for common sense in 1994 and he was forced to adjust or else be defeated. He learned. So far, you haven't. And you don't have until 2010 to course correct - the world moves faster than it did in Clinton's time.

People are out there questioning your own wild misrepresentations with valid concerns and questions and counterpoints - including me - you ignore or denigrate them at your own peril.

Your popularity is capable of sinking like a stone, along with the list of your 'accomplishments'. Don't say you weren't warned.

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