August 21, 2009

Conservatives against Palin

Understand this, everyone has their own horse in the race. Therefore either overtly, or covertly, everyone on the right is not desirous of seeing Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee in 2012. And therefore some have a vested interest in tearing her apart at every opportunity. Perhaps even a desire to do so.

And every Palin backer sees every attack as piling on where it prevents a true American patriot from standing a chance at winning the GOP nomination or the White house. Given the barrage, that's not an unreasonable assessment.

These sort of attacks are to be expected from Democrats - they loathe her, or fear her. They typically don't go for the intellectual throat, they retreat to time-worn Alinsky tactics. They ridicule, and insult and downplay her as an intellectual lightweight in order to marginalize her and hopefully diminish her support. Tacky. Gutless. Superficial. But to be expected.

But from the right? Attacks on Palin have come from unexpected sources. I say unexpected because I firmly believe that Republicans and conservatives need to get their uh, act, together and stop the infighting. There's a real enemy to be confronted. A while back I wrote an open letter to the GOP on my blog. I don't think some of the punditry and or leadership have read it. They continue to attack Palin, often relentlessly and seemingly without anything approaching reasonable justification.

The rationale for the attacks? Some may have drank the Obama Kool Aid. Others may want to support a Romney or a Pawlenty and are trying to damage the competition. Some may fear the left and her chances of beating them as the headliner. What The &#@^ people?!? Don't you recall the only point in the campaign where John McCain pulled even with Obama? Palin had a little something to do with that.

The latest assault comes from Charles Krauthammer. (Oh and it's not the first time Bag O'Hammers has done this. He did it before the 2008 election too.) Charles just shut it! Save your venom for a Christopher Dodd, or a Joe Biden.

You can add Krauthammer to Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, the Editors at National Review, Rep. Kingston (R) of Georgia, Dan Balz, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos (oh, a Romney team member), David Frum, and George Will among others.

Perhaps that represents a "who's who" of media elite blue blood Republicans who have gotten just as out of touch with the conservative base as are the Democrats out of touch with fiscal reality. Who knows? It no longer matters.

What matters is that these attacks are not only unproductive, they are counter-productive. They are petulant, childish and sewing seeds of discord on the right. If you entertain beliefs that pushed you to support Obama - switch sides. If you just don't like Palin and would rather see Mitt Romney as the nominee, fine. But shut up and promote your candidate instead of attacking someone who is supposed to be on the same side as you. IT'S WRONG. And you know it. If you don't know it, then you aren't as cultured as you claim to be.

Does this really need to be said, yet again?


  1. Ooooh, childish AND petulant? Please, for the love of synonyms, visit
    Hint: they mean the same thing.

    But otherwise, I totally support your argument. In short:

    1. We should all stop vocally criticizing Sarah Palin, even IF she's an utter nincompoop and we'd prefer a Romney nod BY A MILE.

    2. Rank and file, baby. The only way we'll defeat the enemy is by keeping our opinions to ourselves and towing the line. Wait...who's the enemy again?

    3. Dems don't go for the intellectual throat...instead, they downplay her as an intellectual lightweight. Huh?!?

    The bottom line? After some of her borderline farcical shenanigans, there's just no need to criticize her...she's already jumped the shark.

    But more importantly, nothing is going to change until both Repubs AND Dems learn that it's not about getting their party into power, but about electing smart, fair, honest leaders. NOTHING.

    So let's stop playing partisan politics and pretending that it will. Kthxbai.

    P.S. Try "who's who," as in "who is who," not "whose who," which forms a possessive.

  2. Other than the grammatical error, which will be corrected (thanks), I could retort.

    For example - Petulant –adjective - moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, esp. over some trifling annoyance: a petulant toss of the head.

    irritable, peevish, fretful, pettish, touchy.

    That's not childish. Similar in some ways, but not identical.

    Then again I'm trying to make a point, not teach English. Hint: it's not relevant.

    (1) You agreed and then threw in an insult. I can only assume that your agreement is sarcasm. Especially since you clearly are irked by my choice of adjectives.

    (2) The enemy is big government, and by proxy, the current crop of liberal Democrats. Again 'rank and file' sarcasm does nothing to further your argument. If your aim is persuade - you've failed miserasbly. If your aim s to make yourself feel better by insulting the opinions of others, well, I can only assume congratulations are in order. You must be flying Mike. Enjoy the clouds.

    (3) My point - she's talked about policy consideratrions. Maybe they're smart, maybe not. But by being dismissive, MIKE, they do not disprove her on facts -they ignore the real intellectual debate. If she's a lightweight then prove it with a real debate on the issues. Do not do it by saying she's a twit. Because it's intellectually dishonest to do so.

    You've clearly already dismissed her, so let me ask you - why do you care what she says or what others might say in support of her? It should be irrelevant, no?

    Or maybe you're afraid. That's how bullies act - they fear competition so they try to act pre-emptively and use tools like ridicule.

    All that said, I agree with your last point - neither part is nearly responsive enough to the electorate, nor do they seem to feel an obligation to be honest, fair or even smart. It's a shame.


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