August 12, 2009

Note to Obama - Post Office = Bad Example

Oh come on now! This is the best you can do? This is rich;

So your point that single payer health care won't become a reality, is based on the notion that the government has problems running things? WOW! That's unhinged. WHY OH WHY are we in desperate need of government run health care if they can't run other things?

If this were a boxing match that would be at least a standing eight count for the President's plan. It should be a TKO.

This has to be repeated. Tell your friends. Tell unaffiliated voters. Tell liberals (nicely so they see the point and not the mob mentality). Tell anyone who will listen. We can't let his aura overshadow his ineptitude and incoherent arguments on health care. Allowing this to go unchallenged would be a multi-trillion dollar mistake.


Exit point - TOTUS must be fuming over this one.

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