August 11, 2009

UPDATED: Alinsky Rule 5 in full effect!!

If ever you needed proof that Alinsky's Rules for Radicals are in full effect on the American left, look at the reactions to the town hall outrage over health care. Rule #5 is related to ridiculing your opponents. It's on full display here.

Alinsky's rule might be on high alert use over the next month - Democrats can't debate ideas yet (if ever) because they haven't read the bill yet. There's no alternative to ridicule.

One small irony is that the liberal meme machine can't seem to find which type of ridicule will stick and are throwing as much at the wall to see what sticks. They're not as on a single message as usual.

Below are some examples of the insults they are using. Given that they can't debate [are you listening GOP?], this is the perfect opportunity to invite them to town hall debates on the issues. No thugs versus 'mobs', just one on one debates. It's something John McCain tried to get Barack Obama to agree on during the election campaign. Obama weaseled out of it. They'll do the same now. But it shows the weakness of their position. Facts versus insults, on an issue this big, should see facts win out. That is, provided [are you listening GOP?] all the legwork isn't done by concerned citizens, but also by Republican leadership. Don't be afraid of the mobs - the people portesting peacefully, are on your side.

Astro turfers - if you can't beat them, defame them.

Brooks Brothers empty suits organized by right wing groups - the old class warfare ploy

Mobs - with a dash of 'ruined the country' thrown in.

Nazis - the classic fallback insult for the flustered liberal.

Racists - the ultimate fallback for the liberal who has nothing else to go on.

More mobs; ending with some humor.

UPDATE: They forgot to mention the KKK - until now. [HT Hot Air]

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