August 20, 2009

Obama and the Benjamins

Let me see if I've got this right...

1. Obama was against "Drill, baby Drill." No oil drilling off the coast of America under Obama.

2. In August 2008 George Soros invested heavily in Brazilian national oil company Petrobas.

4. The Obama administration this week underwrote $2 billion of offshore drilling. In Brazil.

5. George Soros converted his Petrobras common stock to Petrobras preferred which paid dividends 2 days prior to the Obama announcement.

6. In a big recession, jobs are needed and investment in America in any form is better than invstment offshore.

7. The reason given to not drill in America during the campaign was that it wasn't green enough.

Conclusion #1

So, it's okay to drill in Brazil because their oil is greener. It's okay to pass a $787 stimulus bill to supposedly stimulate the economy but then spend $2 billion on Brazilian oil.

The disconnect is crazy.

The reason this was done, clearly looks like a payoff to Soros for the election.

Additional considerations

-The cash for clunkers program ended up helping out Japanese automakers more than American automakers.

Conclusion #2

This is all about the Benjamins. Obama payoffs, insider trading Chicago style politics, and Blagojevich 2.0.


If this were a third world banana republic, it'd be laughable. In America, it's inconceivable that this could go on. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

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