August 30, 2009

The litany of McCain Errors - Part 6

After the Obama election victory, I went through the list of mistakes that the campaign had made. There were plenty of mistakes; it took 5 posts to cover off the problems.

You can see them here; Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

I've come across another problem that I hadn't considered.  It's probably the most pertinent to his loss.  We've seen lots of footage of John McCain in boring, uninspiring speeches.  We never saw this campaign commercial.  It was different. It could have turned the tide.

Seriously, McCain, aside from nominating Sarah Palin, never energized Americans.  Now instead, we are stuck with President Obama.  We are stuck wondering not 'what could have been', but rather 'what could have been avoided'.

Perhaps in a weird way though, the lesser of two evils turned out to be the greater of two evils.  A McCain Presidency would have continued the slow agonzing slide into socialism, with his RINO views on so many issues.  A death of 1000 cuts as it were.  By Obama being elected, it's surely starting to serve the "I told ya so." crowd's well, "I told ya so".  But more importantly, a headlong rush towards socialism in health care, cap and trade, liberal activist judges and other things, has had an effect on the sleeping electorate.  People have been awoken to the frightening spectacle of socialism.  Obama's hubris will not only be his undoing but could serve as a revitalization of America's freedom, democracy and capitalism based roots.

Towards that end, to  paraphrase a radical community organizer, we are the hope and change we have been awaiting.

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