August 5, 2009

To Hell in a Handbasket of Goods

So cars are being subsidized by the government. Swell. The same government is borrowing money hand over fist from the Chinese, printing money like it's going out of style (which it will be at this rate), and floating trial balloons on increasing your taxes because, you know, they're going to have to do so. That fictitious money is being used to support new car purchases.

Never mind the insanity of the fiscal electroshock on borrowed cash, why cars? Why not boats? Just about everyone would love a boat. A sailboat, in fact, because it's far greener than a yacht. Why not exercise equipment? It would help with the health care cost crisis. Hell, why not give everyone $4,500 towards a treadmill? They could even buy as many as 2 to 10 if they wanted cheaper models.

How about another rebate for organic food? It's pesticide free you know - that's why it's more expensive. How about an added tax for Big Macs? Everyone knows they're unhealthy.

In Oregon they've decided to prioritize assisted suicide over other health care items that have to be rationed. How about an early death subsidy? Outrageous? Of course, but the lines get blurry as soon as you start letting government 'help' you decide what to buy. What business is it of the government's if you buy a legal product? None.

Cars are legal the last time I checked. Everything from an SUV to a clunker to a Prius. All legal. You want to help the economy, and go green? Buy a Prius and let Joe down the street buy his Ford F150 truck. You don't own Joe. The government doesn't own Joe.

The government doesn't own what anyone buys. If the government thinks clunkers are so bad, outlaw them. See how far that gets. They won't do it because they know they can't. But they can try to persuade you by taxing everyone and offering you a rebate to buy what they want you to buy. Not which model of car, not yet, but a car. Over a skateboard or a bicycle. For now. You want the next cash for clunkers to be a trade in discount allowance on a Schwinn if you bring in your Prius? It's a cliche but it really is a slippery slope.

American freedom is going to hell in a handbasket of goods, and not a handbasket of your own choosing. Wake up and smell the coffee, before it gets put on the undesirable list by The One.

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