August 21, 2009

Tornados in Toronto?

Not in keeping with the general topic on my blog, but interesting nonetheless. For me at any rate. Toronto Canada, is not exactly known as tornado alley. There's a touchdown in the area every few years. But they're usually in some farm community and usually very, very brief. For many Americans particularly in the mid-West, this might not be a big deal. But for me it's the equivalent of seeing a volcanic eruption in Arkansas. It just isn't something you see.

[NOTE: Not my personal footage.]

I'm not sure how people could live in tornado alley day-in day-out. Tornadoes are impressively scary. Then again, I'd likely be one of those fools to run out and gawk at it. I'm sure a few liberals would be happy if I did.

See, I knew I'd find a way to bring it back to politics.

Bonus footage - some serious darkness and lightning came along with this storm. Below are a couple of other storms in Toronto - one from last week and one from two years ago showing the CN Tower being hit by lightning.

Lightning strikes;

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