August 18, 2009

A series of small consolations

It seems that despite the fact that there are more conservatives in most every state than there are liberals, it's small consolation. Many liberals call themselves moderates and the numbers might not be as good as indicated for conservatives. Even though independents are turning against Obama, it's small consolation; self-identified Democrats outnumber self-identified Republicans.

That the silent majority has finally spoken up, is wonderful. But it's small consolation because they weren't there back in November. That they have caught the attention of the political elite, and scared them into paying attention is fantastic. But it's small consolation. Drudge is reporting that the Democrats may ram the health care bill through anyway. If they do that, cap and trade will follow suit and there will be no end of a stream of ultra liberal bills that sail through unopposed in any meaningful way. The GOP doesn't have the votes to stop anything anymore.

This could very well be THE tipping point of this session of Congress and the Presidency itself. This could be Obama's Waterloo. But it's small consolation, because the Democrats may not care. They are not acting as James Carville said, based on a 40 year majority, but based on a 2 year majority. Such an approach is dangerous. In order to prevent it conservatives and moderates need to keep up, and intensify their opposition. They know they can protest - they've done it effectively now. But it's small consolation, because protests may end up being irrelevant.

The only way a steamroller of socialist legislation can be avoided, is to keep up the pressure at town halls, on TV, on the radio and in Washington D.C. Your country is calling upon you. This is the test of this generation. If the last great generation that defeated the Nazis could answer the call, this generation can do the same. In fact it's a far less dangerous task. You need to rally, you need to march and you need to keep your voices heard, as long as is needed.

Failure to do so will be no consolation whatsoever to future generations deprived of liberty by this generations inaction. Don't let it happen.

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