August 8, 2009

What's good for the goose

Democrats over the last 6 months have really played up the internal divisions within the Republican party. Moderate Republicans versus the conservative wing of the party played out in so many forms. And it hasn't abated much. They taunt that if the Republicans allow the conservative wing of the party to take over, they'll be in the minority forever.

It makes sense strategically to do this. It keeps the GOP off balance and reactionary and divided. But the GOP seems to be finally moving beyond this and getting it's legs back. Now that we've reached that point, let me point out the obvious, and the real reason WHY the obvious is obvious.


Why? Because what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The left is basking in the glory of the first ever black President who also happens to be the most liberal President ever. They moved far left and they still won. And now they are bleeding supporters. And they are doing so because the country is still a center-right country. This is the same country that elected Ronald Reagan in a major landslide twice. They called him uber-conservative. This is the country that in 2004 marshalled record turnout for George Bush (he's no ultra-conservative but he was portrayed as that and more before, during and after the election). This is the country that embraced the Contract With America and turned it's back on Clinton's attempt to impose health care reform. This is the same country that turned on Bush 41 - for raising taxes and breaking his conservative pledge.

Why did the country swing away from the GOP in 2006 and 2008? Many didn't like the war, but more importantly, the country was not impressed with the lip service the GOP were paying to conservatives.

Why are liberals still going after Sarah Palin? They fear her and her common sense approach to fiscal reality. Sure they ridicule her as incompetent but only because that's the only way they know how to deal with their enemies. It's what Alinsky said to do.

If they can win the country with Obama and Biden, conservatives can win with a conservative. But that's not what liberals want you to believe so they just keep hammering. Settling for a moderate Republican is a win for liberals because America won't see any progress back towards fiscal sanity and common sense government. For them a moderate Republican is like a holding pattern. It's not a loss, it's a delay.

After 4 years of Obama and 2 to 4 years of a double majority in the Congress and Senate, the country will be ripe for an alternative. Giving it Democrat-lite is just a loss for conservatism, and pointless for the GOP. Similarly defining yourself as NOT Obama is not an alternative, it's just another placeholder - for the country.

The country is going to need a reversal of direction. It's going to need a conservative to fix things. A RINO will try to find common ground (unlike Obama who just said he would). But the reality is you can't negotiate with a grizzly bear when you come face-to-face with it in the woods. You kill it or you run away...or you die. You can't offer to share your arm with it if it leaves the rest of you alone. Even if it were to agree to that, it wouldn't honor the agreement once you started bleeding to death. America is deep in the woods now. And a socialist bear is staring down the nation. The only to options are to defeat it politically or let it kill you politically.

Does this really still need to be spelled out at this point?

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