August 18, 2009

You want a 'do over'? No way!

Democrats, some at least, appear to want a do over on health care reform. To that, Republicans must say 'NO.' Emphatically.

Why do they want a 'do over'? Because they screwed up so badly that the government paid option is off the table. They want a chance to regroup and try again. If you give them a chance to re-group, they will.

After all, what's left of health care reform without a step towards single payer? From the point of view of the far left, nothing. From the point of view of conservatives, RINOs still have a huge opportunity to compromise on this and still screw up the system. Badly. On the other hand, the health care system needs a fix. Badly. Now is the perfect time to strike back with a plan that eases government costs, coupled with a longer term strategy to increase the supply of medical care available in America.

About this Obamacare, the American public has already spoken. Loudly. They don't like it, and Democrats just don't like the results. Now they're being petulant and crying over it. They want to try again. No 'do overs'! This is politics, this is hard ball. You had your chance, you blew it.

Be advised though, America, now is no time to let up on the pressure. If you as a conservative want this to be Obama's Waterloo, if you want to ensure that health care reform, as envisioned by the Democrats, is killed once and for all (during this Presidency at any rate), now is the time to stiffen your resolve. No do over, no second kick at the can. No chance to try to sneak it by in the guise of a "we listened, and we fixed it."

Did George Bush get a do over on Iraq? The surge was as close as he came to a do over, but he had to force his do over. And even the surge was pilloried. Democrats even tried to say the surge didn't work. Why? They had resolve on what they wanted. Luckily they weren't able to overcome Bush's resolve on winning Iraq. They don't offer any quarter, they don't get any quarter. Fair is fair.

So don't let up - the Democrats, who control the White house, the Senate and the Congress have blinked. Not because of Republicans, but because of the American people. You stopped this. It doesn't matter if RINO's or weak conservatives want to work with Democrats on this - you don't. Make sure they know that reform, without a radical re-think towards a better private plan approach is D.O.A. If Congress wants a fight, it will be with the American people, not a fight between parties. Even if you wanted to count on the GOP to win this, they can't. You won the battle, don't give up before the war is over.


  1. *Pot paging kettle, this is pot paging kettle...*

    After painting Dems as petulant crybabies, you braised your OWN argument in some schoolyard-inspired "no do-overs" weaksauce.

    You readers smell that? It's the stench of the irony that befalls would-be pundits...

    Look, I'm no Dem, and I don't support their solution for our broken health care system. But this isn't about playing partisan politics: it's about fixing health care. Frankly, I'd rather have Dems work on solving the problem (do-overs and all) than listen to ad hominem attacks from a bunch of whiners.

    If they decide on a do-over, they won't be asking for your, or anyone's blessing.

    So stop being such a passive-aggressive part of the problem!

  2. "Look I'm no Dem" Yeah, right. Then why spout the liberal party line in every point you make? At least be honest.

    Dems are trying to push through unpopular and unwanted legislation. Admit it instead of hiding behind a majority. Majority does not automatically equate to right. And a majority on Nov 4/08 does not equate to a majority on every issue.

    As far as 'weaksauce' goes, I think you missed the point. I'm not crybabying 'no do overs'. I'm saying if you try it, you're going to get the same result. By all means take 15 runs at trying to ram government health care down the throat of Americans. You'll get the same result each time, and louder each time.

    If you are interested, there are other alternatives to fixing health care that don't involve a 'solution' that will result in health care rationing. Have you considered any?

    It's simple supply and demand. If you legislate price/cost you end up with a shortage of supply, ergo inadequate halth care - waiting lines, doctors stretched too thin. It's not a matter of debate. Whether you want to believe in supply and demand or not, it's a fact of life.


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