August 16, 2009

Obamacare Down in flames?

Technically, yes. The right blogosphere is abuzz with a sense of victory tonight . But factually? There's still a devil in the details. Yes the public option has apparently been taken off the table. As was well put on Wizbang, Team Obama blinked.
But with that option off the table, and it looking like a deal is going to be made over co-op options, is it really a full victory or just a draw? More details are going to be necessary. What is the GOP going to do now? What's Plan B for Obama? Is this just a delay to an inevitable single payer second attempt? What private deals impacted this? Was there pressure on Obama from Democrats to back off? What will be the reaction on the far left? Will the right let it's guard down just to be sucker-punched in a week (what if this report is a feint by the Democrats to ease pressure on Town Halls)?
There are too many questions, and not enough details yet. Suffice it to say that while the news is encouraging, I'm skeptical and waiting for the other shoe to fall. A lot could still go wrong. Then again, this could be the Obama Waterloo we were hoping for. It could make Palin look like a hero. It could enable the right on the effective use of protests. A GOP hero could emerge from the carnage. Maybe it can lead to a defeat of Cap and Trade. The far left could abandon the Democrats. Can you imagine the far left starting to attack LINOs (liberals in name only)?A lot of good could happen.
It's not a question of the glass being half empty or half full - right now, there is nothing poured into the glass yet. Give it time, the signs and interpretations will come. But for now, there's almost reason to be cheerful.

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