August 16, 2009

Keep the pedal to the metal.

My two cents on where the conservative movement and the GOP should go now that the pressure to remove the public pay option from the table has apparently worked:

1. Don't let up - watered down manure is still manure. You've got to look at the revised details and see what's left on the table.

2. Offer an alternative - health care needs attention, but it needs solutions. The GOP needs to move from being the party of 'no', which has been successful, to the party of alternative solutions.

3. Pressure RINO's not to cave or deal. The Gang of 14 who brokered a deal with Democrats still sticks in the craw of conservatives. It's something that should not be allowed to happen again.

4. Enjoy the success, allow it to generate optimism in yourself. But don't allow it to generate complacency in yourself or in the moment.

5. Look for what results from this change in stance from the White house, and be prepared to counter the next move.

As Alinsky pointed out to his socialist followers - never let up, be relentless. If you let up, you allow your gains to be lost.

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