August 15, 2009

The Party of 'NO!'

A quick post today about saying no. Democrats cleverly refer Republicans as the party of 'no'. I say cleverly because when the Republicans were in power, Democrats said no to everything from social security reform to every judicial nominee to come down the pike. Remember the threatened filibusters on judicial nominees under Bush?

There's a number of ways to look at this. We could paint the Democrats as the real party of 'no'. We could point out that the Democrats are actually the party of no good ideas. We could take the tack that the Republican party is a party of ideas and we have to say 'no' right now because the ideas in play aren't as good as our alternatives. Or, my personal favorite for the current situation facing the country, is to embrace and expand the moniker. The GOP is not the party of 'no' it's the party 'HELL NO! NO WAY! NO HOW! NOT ON MY WATCH!'

Why? Because health care, cap and trade, liberal judges, higher taxes, soaring national debt, and a possible revival of the Fairness Doctrine require such a stance. Yes, it should be tempered with 'why not this idea instead?' But the sentiment would seem to jibe with the popular movement to slam the brakes on this runaway President and Congress.

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