August 25, 2009

Liberal eugenicists and health care

What seems like a long time ago, I wrote about Eugenics in America - in particular about how Democrats could seize opportunities to somehow breed conservatism into non-existence (even I thought it was a bit of a stretch).  I posed it as a 'what if' scenario, although I can't say it's posted specifically that way, it was my intent on discussing it.

Fast forward to the discussion of 'death panels'.  If the government can reduce the quality of life to a formula, and provision health care based on the result, it's not a stretch to reason that political pre-disposition could be a variable factored into that calculation.  That's not to say that it would be done, but if you were a liberal government czar, it would be an awfully strong temptation.

What the Democrats have in mind becomes more and more chilling the more you think about it.  Whether they would intend to manipulate things in such a manner is beside the point. The fact is that much of what they propose and legislate makes such thing possible.  While they decry the protesters as un-American, the truth is that so much of what they espouse is not just un-American, it's anti-American.  It's antithetical to life and/or liberty and/or the pursuit of happiness.

Some people still remember what those words mean though.  If you count yourself among those people, it's time to get involved.  You know that expression "There's no rest for the wicked"?  The truth is the wicked take no rest, and the rest of us should expect no respite from staving off their attacks on freedom.  Now is the time to get involved.  A democracy as great as the United States could survive any attack from the outside, but this attack is more sinister because it's internally generated.  If you believe in liberty, stand up for it and be counted while you still can; protest until the march towards socialism is put to a halt.

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