August 13, 2009

Temperature check - Obama approval ratings.

Let's check in on Obama's approval ratings, shall we?

First, Rasmussen has these two updates today;

Oh my, that's bad too.

Then Pew Research has this;

Also, not so good.

And finally Gallup, seemingly the 'eternal Obama optimists of polling', have Obama's approval at 53% and his disapproval at 40% - while in line with Pew's July numbers (perhaps lagging), and still in positive territory, they still represent a closing gap on the Presidential honeymoon.

With each crusade effort the White house takes on, the numbers seemingly drop a few more points. They're stuck in the same modus operendi and are dragging themselves down with these tactics. Clinton abandon the left when faced with an angry backlash of votes in 1994. He started to govern more to the center. He recovered before 1996. Obama doesn't seem ready or willing to do that. These approval numbers will continue to fall. Democrats in the house might seriously start thinking about abandoning ship if they see it impacting their own chances at re-election.


  1. Those Rasmussen charts are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I think my eyes even welled up with the second one. (sniff) I just hope the trend continues.

    And gee, even Bush had a 55% approval rating at this point in his first term. Oddly the same approval rating he had the first month of his first term. Spun a bit differently in the press than Obama's has been though.

  2. Keep watching, the slide will continue.


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