August 15, 2009

About those 'Death Panels'

About those death panels, that Sarah Palin brought up; it's a 'teachable moment'.

The accepted math has been this:

Palin = idiot & Obama = genius.

But if that's the case, then what happened would have not happened. What did happen? What's the real Truth?

Many conservatives know it's not the case. Some, for their own political purposes or because they have fallen prey to the intent of the media onslaught on Palin, have also come to the conclusion that Palin could be in over her head. For those people, the death panels kerfuffle is a teachable moment. The Wall Street Journal sums it up quite well. Palin won the debate over 'death panels', despite the supposed formula above.

A Senate panel has decided to scrap the part of its health care bill that in recent days has given rise to fears of government "death panels," with one lawmaker suggesting the proposal was just too confusing.

The Senate Finance Committee is taking the idea of advance care planning consultations with doctors off the table as it works to craft its version of health care legislation, a Democratic committee aide said Thursday.

It's a good article worth a read. Check it out.

Here's the teachable part - if Palin won, she's not the idiot many people think she is. And if that's the case, maybe her decision to step down as Governor of Alaska, while causing a temporary hit to her popularity ratings, was not a political neophyte, foolish move. Maybe the political ju-jitsu she used, was a smart political ploy. Those who continue to underestimate her, do so at their own risk.

For the other point for Republicans to keep in mind, the ones who have jumped on the anti-Palin bandwagon for whatever reason, there's a different lesson to be learned. That's simply that you need to remember who your friends are. Regardless of whether you want Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee in 2012 or not, she is a conservative, and likely shares some, most or all of your values. You'd be acting honorably to not only not denigrate her, not participate in the ongoing anti-Palin frenzy, you'd be best to come to her defense as if she was any other Republican. In-fighting does NOTHING for the GOP, and nothing for conservatism in the face of a common political enemy.

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