April 19, 2010

Too Big Too Fail or Just Too Big?

With the government going after first Toyota, and now Goldman Sachs, I'm surprised more people haven't started to see the theme. The government is displaying predatory behavior towards what can only be concluded that it sees as rivals to it's own power. The Democrats are forwarding the idea that nobody should be too big to fail. That's hard to argue against, although the hypocrisy of doing it one year after the biggest bailout in the history of the world is legitimate grounds for questioning their sincerity.

After all, the government threw money at General Motors and oh yeah, they're still there as owners.  And coincidentally, the attacks on Toyota seem unprecedented. Now it's no coincidence that big labor is interested in limiting foreign competition.  It ensures jobs for labor.  Of course it helped ensure a couple of decades of increasingly crappy American cars too, until someone started smartening up and realized that it was produce better quality or die. 

Now with a lawsuit against the firm the administration wants to scapegoat for the mistakes of many, the government is going after 'big' again.  It seems only the government is allowed to be big.  There should be no rival it seems, to government financial hegemony. Big Banks, being made out to be the bad guys are an easy target.  Before the government took over GM, they were the bad guys too.  Big corporations represent in the minds of liberals a threat to big government.  Remember the Supreme Court ruling that struck down some of McCain Feingold campaign finance reform?  They howled over that because it gave corporations the right to spend politically the way individuals, and big labor were allowed to spend politically.

To sum up - big government is okay, big labor is good (until down the road when they are the biggest thing on the list of rivals to centralized power), and big business is bad.

See, this was never about people, it's an ideology driven by something other than class warfare - it's a war on business.  That makes it a war on America.  The far left want to run everything.  Big business stands in the way of that.  Actually any business does.  The warning should be going out to big labor.  Big labor has swallowed whole the notion that business is the bad guy.  It's an easy sell, because the way contract negotiations are set up with unions, business and labor are put in an adversarial role.  It's very easy for the liberals to come along and say "we're on your side - the side of the people." Many voters will lap that stuff up.  Higher wages, free health care - happy days are here again!

But labor is a pawn.  Once there's no business left to stand against the government next will be organized labor.  It's purpose outlived, it will be the next villain the progressive government turns on.  Labor hurts the individual the argument will go.  We need to take away power from the corrupt special interests of big labor and let the government manage these things.  Once that's done, the government needs to only worry about individuals, and alone or in small groups, populations are much easier to control.

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