April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day America - Some 'Unexpectedly" Type News

I wish I could say something happier today.  But here are some facts, especially selected to annoy you to the point of sipping up lead and spitting out rivets.
Plucked from the news today, primarily via Drudge;
  • Jobless claims are up 'unexpectedly' yet again.  Somehow the unemployment rate is always declining or steady now. If the Democrats ever get around to a big jobs bill, it'll mean more taxes.
  • Despite the fact that Democrats bullied through a loan modification program, defaults on mortgages are still on the rise. Meaning the government will have to bail out their bailout.  You know what that means!  More taxes to come!
  • George Soros, socialist billionaire is claiming free markets are not inherently stable and is expecting another super-crash.  How convenient is that?  By his logic we either we drift further towards socialism to prevent free markets (the same market that made him rich) or else he gets to attribute credit for it not happening to his buddy, President Obama.

Happy Tax Day America.  If it makes you feel any better, here's some good news - many seem to understand the government's greed.  Here's just one example.

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