April 1, 2010

Arctic Ice Cap Follies - Continued

Some gentleman on Twitter accused me of promulgating a hoax, by posting about the Arctic Ice Cap rebounding this month.  As much as I'm tempted to hurl insult for insult in this case, I won't. Insults are the tools of the uninformed or desperate.  I didn't make this stuff up. There's science behind it. 

Global warming skeptics are not "morons" for believing science that disagrees with yours. Scientists who provide this information are not part of some vast conspiracy of misrepresentation as you might believe.  They have not been proven to have mislead via there data as have those on the side of global warming believers. They have less to prove than promoters of AGW. Keep that in mind next time you start hurling insults and accusations.  You want science - we've got it.

This graph is from the NSIDC itself.

Heaven forbid some real data conflict with his closely guarded world view. Of course a return to normal, isn't eye catching.  Even if a single data point did mean something, which it doesn't, it can't compete with Reuters proclamation in 2007 that the Arctic summers would be ice free by 2020. Or other's pronouncements as recently as 2009 that said it would happen by 2013.

Let's ignore the fact that 2008 was a big increase in Arctic ice versus 2007. And ignore the fact that sea ice trends are not particularly abnormal. Let's ignore the fact that NASA says: "Houston, we've got a data problem." Let's ignore the fact that while ice levels are declining in the Arctic, the Antarctic is seeing the reverse trend at a steeper rate, and with more overall ice than the Arctic. Never mind that there was a gigantic volcanic underwater eruption in the Arctic Ocean in 1999 that likely affected water temperatures and thus ice as well.

Why ignore those things?  They don't fit the AGW (man made global warming) model. They don't fit with Al Gore's hysteria.  And we all know Al Gore has to be mollified at all costs or he'll erupt and spew volcanic ash everywhere, exacerbating the problem.  See, now I'm drifting dangerously into the realm of insults. I'd better stop.  However, more evidence is available if you still want to see it, or need more information to disregard.


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