April 19, 2010

Don't Worry - They Still Hate You

I just finished posting about how the Democrats are going to hold their collective noses and embrace the Tea Parties as much as they can for the next few months.  Obviously the internal polls look abysmal.  It doesn't mean they've found religion, liberty, fiscal sanity or anything of the sort.  Though they'll gladly play that role on TV.  They need your vote.  Now they don't necessarily hate you, but they do more closely align with the likes of Huffington Post types who can not so slickly hide their hatred.

In taking a look for other examples of liberal embrace for my previous post, I'd wondered if the phony embrace had filtered down to the liberal mouthpieces like HuffPo.  It clearly hasn't.  Posts today at HuffPo are clearly angry.

From marginal actor Steven Weber, obviously armed with a thesaurus, in his droning rant "Idiots Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Some More Teeth!" he blames Tea Parties on race. Yep, you are a racist.  Clearly this is blue meat for far left Democrats.  But really, who eats blue meat?

Andy Ostroy in his more sophisticated column, "Tea Baggers: Republicans in Wolves' Clothing" allows that 'Tea Baggers' aren't stupid, but are "terribly misguided and perhaps embarrassingly manipulated; manipulated by the GOP and its disingenuous spinners into harnessing all of their frustration and rage at President Obama into their underlying not-so-subtle-racism."

Meanwhile David M. Abromowitz thinks the Tea Party (a) has no solutions and (b) is inherently selfish. Clearly the Fox News coverage of what ideas the Tea Party does have hasn't filtered that far left yet. And he clearly doesn't understand the idea of charity as opposed to forced wealth appropriation.

Does the far left embrace the Tea Party? Don't be silly.  So why would the political party of the far left, though acting aligned with the Tea Party, ever really want to share some common ground with them?  They don't either, so don't let them fool anyone.


  1. Great post -- I'd like to know when the left is going to stop using the derogatory term "tea baggers"... um... my guess is never.

  2. Never sounds about right. Even the ones worried about public opinion shifting towards the Tea Party crowds, won't stop. They'll still say it in private if they're smart enough to stop saying it in public.


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