April 26, 2010

Obama off base on the liberal base

It looks like President Obama didn't get his uber-bounce that Bill Clinton predicted he would get as a result of his health care bill passage. Further, it looks like the jobs prospects won't save Democrats in the mid-term elections either.  The energy stuff isn't a winning issue for the Democrats either - Cap and Trade is dead.  Blame Bush sounds like it will be offered as a defence for economic issues, but it's not going to be the main strategy.  The pickings are slim for Democrats for campaigning.  The last play in the playbook? Race-baiting over the new law in Arizona.  I really hope that's what they run with.  It'll help nobody in the Democrat party, and especially not Harry Reid.

Take a look at the Drudge links today - the racism blitz is on. Protesters, Napolitano, Sharpton, San Francisco, and even President Obama himself are all aiming at the Arizona law that is backed by 70% of Arizona's electorate.  Sorry Harry, you too are expendable

[Updated: Just to clarify, given the proximity of Nevada, Harry Reid will not be untarnished by this issue].

The plan is as transparent as a glacial stream (one not affected by an Icelandic volcano).  Get the racial demographics fired up about being targeted unjustly.  In other words, enforcing immigration standards is racist.  There's a nice wedge to heal the country.  Hopefully the Latino and African American communities are wise enough to distinguish themselves from illegal immigrants.  As far as illegal immigrants go, nationality doesn't matter.  ILLEGAL MATTERS.

But here's why I don't think this will work.  In Arizona the powers that be are coming out against a popular law, and that does not help Democrats facing a fired up citizenry.  Unlike Chicago, they deal with the issue much more directly and do so daily.  Sorry Harry, Obama knows you've already lost, so you have become expendable.  More important is salvaging seats elsewhere.

That won't happen either.  Health care became a nationalized issue.  An Arizona law will not do the same no matter how much Sharpton caterwauls.  A voter in New Hampshire will be content to look at their own ticket and ignore a what they see as a regional issue.  It's a misguided political approach and as a conservative, I'm hoping the administration and other Democrats focus on that.  It's an important issue but it won't win any Democrats seats.  It won't generate the base turnout they are hoping for.  The liberals energized to turn out, well he had them at health care.  Now the President is just spinning his wheels.

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