April 20, 2010

Free Speech Denied In Miami by... Muslims

According to Human Events,
In an outrageous denial of free speech rights, Miami-Dade Transit last week forced the removal of a “Leaving Islam” ad campaign on Miami buses because the ads might be “offensive to Islam.”

The Freedom Defense Initiative, the new organization I have begun with bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer, and the group Stop Islamization of America started the ad campaign as a defense of religious freedom.

Our ad asked, “Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers! RefugefromIslam.com.”

It was the first time anyone offered public help to people threatened under Islam’s death penalty for apostasy.
The religion of peace through intimidation.  It's hard not to come across as an Islamophobe while clearly pointing out a problem, but things like this need to be pointed out.  If intolerance is tolerated only in certain quarters, as many liberals would have it, then society is guaranteed to fail.  The continuation of this type of one-sided intolerance is a dangerous trajectory for America.

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