April 12, 2010

Presidential Unemployment At A Glance

Unemployment by President.  A little comparison of how Presidents have fared with unemployment.  While the issue belongs more in the purview of Congress, this metric does influence Presidential elections.  the graphs below provide some interesting comparison points.
In the first graph, by unemployment rate versus months in office.  In the second, indexed versus their first full month in office by month in office.  Again, Arbitrarily started during the Ford years.  Not because of any personal affinity, just because it seemed like far enough to go back.  At least for now.

(click graphs to enlarge)

From my brief observation, it appears the President with the most 'like' situation in terms of early Presidency unemployment relative to their starting point is President Ford.  Relative to their indexed starting point, the trajectory is more like that of President Bush (43).  Both were one term Presidents.  Perhaps those comparisons to Reagan can wait.

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