April 18, 2010

Politics never rests

There hasn't been anything big on the political front over the last little while. Since the passage of the health care bill into law, it seems everyone is taking a bit of a breather. That's not to say nothing is going on. There are a lot of things in the news that deserve our attention.  Something is always going on - politics never rests. But it seems quite - too quiet.
Highlighting the non-events are the decisions of Pataki in New York and Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin to not run in their respective Senate races, dealing 2 blows to seats the GOP looked strongly to be able to pick up. But they declined. It seems not much of note is going on. Seems. That's why I suspect something big is coming - whether it's the battle over President Obama's latest court nominees, or a fight on immigration reform or perhaps a ramped up Republican focus on "where's the jobs?", something is due to happen.

Democrats have been riding a Strongly Approve bump for the President although it appears to be ebbing now. And Republicans meanwhile are looking strong in overall approval still. What might clear the logjam of minor events is the need to do something prior to the mid-term elections in November. Once it becomes clear that the Obama momentum is either transient or permanent, someone will have to act.

For Republicans, any indication that the Obama pick-up, no matter how small, might last will spur them into action. Momentum, even slow, is momentum. The GOP can not afford to hand it over, since things have been strongly tilting their way over the last year. On the other hand, if the health care momentum evaporates, as many suspect it will, then the Democrats have to do something to turn the tide. Plan A was health care passage. Plan B is apparently attack Bush. Talk about a party of no real ideas.

In any case, things will start to pick up over the next few weeks. But rest assured, just because there's nothing big happening on the surface, doesn't mean things aren't in full gear under the surface.  The quite is an illusion, because politics never rests.

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