April 6, 2010

The Clues Are There - Forget The Economy

That might sound obtuse with the economy still in the tank but it actually makes a lot of sense for Republicans. Why? Because there is something simpler and much more profound that are at the top of voters minds right now and will continue to be through the remainder of 2010. What could possibly be more urgent than the economy?

Alright, I'm playing with semantics here, but hear me out; personal security. I'm not talking about crime, I'm talking about personal well-being. And yes, that depends heavily on the well-being of the economy. So I am playing with semantics, but the semantics are actually quite important.

To many voters the economy is an amorphous, ethereal thing that they cannot really connect with directly on a personal basis. What matters more is the sense of personal economic uncertainty. That boils down to jobs and job security.

In this case the message is the medium.

Talking about the economy will lose people's attention quickly. But talk about recovering lost jobs and talking about the quality of jobs and job security speaks directly to people's worries. That is not to say people can't relate on a grander scale.

If you talk about the types of jobs - manufacturing biotechnology, medicine and energy exploration and development (oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear specifically) people can relate on a personal level (security) but also with a sense of national pride.

The next facet of talking is bankruptcy. With Americans facing persona bankruptcy and so many companies having gone bankrupt without being bailed out, Why is it the government feels it is above such concerns? With both people and companies tightening belts, why is the government growing itself like a parasitic blood sucker? Ironic given the poor job they did trying to portray themselves as healers of the sick during the health care debate.

Personal security also touches on national security and national strength. As in the Carter era that is sorely lacking. The country needs to be strong, able to defend itself, just like people and businesses do. This is the one area the President seems content to shrink the government. And yet it's the wrong area.

There are a few pillars to the right dialog and the economy is ancillary to the terminology of the discussion. The clues are there. Don't talk D.C. Don't talk Wall Street. Don't talk hypotheticals. Talk personal security - jobs, job quality, bankruptcy, government growth (itself an affront to personal security) and national defense. That will address concerns. That will win seats. And that will save the country.

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