April 27, 2010

Conservatives - Take Heart

Conservatives might be a little worried about the latest Rasmussen numbers on the generic Congressional ballot, showing Republicans ahead by 6%, when as recently as April 18th, they were ahead by 10%.  But take heart.  These numbers are astounding.  Republicans at +6% are still poised to pick up a number of Congressional and Senatorial seats.  Besides, there's no guarantee that the Democrat bounce from health care will hold.  Like any other polling numbers, Rassmussen's numbers fluctuation from week to week anyway.  Some of this might just be noise. 

Still worried? Take a look at these.  From Rasmussen, Obama's depth of support and disapproval is losing it's bump.

The overall approval rating is looking temporal as well.

Meanwhile despite the Gallup spin and weird non-distinct categories in the bottom portion of the attached, Republicans are +1 (notice the slant for Democrats?) Republicans are still ahead amongst all registered voters (as opposed to Rasmussen's likely voters) and the enthusiasm gap works in favor of the GOP.

And the GOP leads among independents among registered voters.  The likely voter scenarios proposed by Rasmussen typically prove to be more accurate.

So if you have been worried, don't be.  Be enthusiastic and excited.  Being complacent is never a good option, and that might allow those numbers to flip.  But if you are enthusiastic, you can help keep those numbers travelling in the right direction.  You just have to believe in what you believe in, enough to help spread the word about conservatism to those who might be on the fence.

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