April 17, 2010

Real Libs of Genius + Um, who?

An amusing video from Secular Stupidest, purveyors of fine quality political bumper stickers.  The video looks at real libs of genius.  But it raised one question for me.

What's with the clean up Sodexo signs?  I looked it up so you don't have to. 

 Trust me don't follow the link. You'd be driving traffic to a far left labor web site.  Here's what you need to know (and if you really doubt me, click the link to see). Sodexo is a food processing company, apprently one that tries to be a socially responsible company.  But what they do, isn't nearly good enough for the union.  Which union would that be?  They proudly tell you themselves;
Clean Up Sodexo, a project of SEIU, is meant to shed a new light on how people think about Sodexo, one of the largest contracted food and facilities companies in the world.

Sodexo dedicates tremendous energy seeking to portray itself as a socially responsible company that employs a diverse workforce and is working to "break the cycle of poverty." Backed by a healthy public relations budget and a robust "corporate social responsibility" campaign, Sodexo seeks to generate publicity that protects its brand from any news story or accusation that would be counter to the image it seeks to project.
They go on to complain about low wages, health care, and the unfair disparity between what a worker makes and the family who founded the company and make millions from dividends every year.  Doesn't it make you want to yell "SO WHAT?"  That family took the risks of starting the enterprise and invested their energy and equity in building it up. They labored over it and lived it instead of playing video games and eating corn chips all day.  I'm sorry (not really), but they deserve more for their efforts and risk taking than that guy holding the sign.  Far more.  And if they hadn't done it he wouldn't have a job there (assuming he works there of course).

This garbage about minimum wage being below the poverty line assumes everyone in a household is supported by a single family income.  If that's the case then that family of four is in tough.  They might qualify for food stamps. But such a generic statement as;
Sodexo workers make as little as $8.27 per hour. For a full-time, year-around worker, that translates to just over $17,201 per year -- well below the poverty guideline of $22,050 for a family of four set by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
is typical of liberal misleading statements. How many families of 4 rely on a single income, especially if it is one of minimum wage? I don't know the answer off hand but since we're dealing in blanket statements one of my own is just as good as one from the SEIU. What it all boils down to is that the gripe isn't about cleaning up Sodexo, it's about giving more money to labor. Dishonesty is so unbecoming in a bullying, suspect labor organization, don't you think?

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