April 25, 2010

Sunday reading material

Some Sunday reading for Sunday readers.
Newsweek's annoying take - Tea Parties small and unruly, coffee parties large and civil. Forget the point of the story, it's the tone that matters here.

Larry King says Sarah Palin should pose for Playboy.  This is the most trusted name in news? Uh,no. [From RedState]

Is Lindsey Graham pulling a John McCain on faux-election-year-conservatism? Gateway Pundit has the news.

Michelle Malkin is waiting for John McCain to just go away.  If his campaign is as well thought out as his 2008 Presidential bid, she won't have too much longer to wait.

Paul Mitchell muses on the devastating slide into the abyss.

IN THE NEWS: State independence jumps the shark. President Obama doesn't care what the people think. Can't say you're surprised, right?

John Stossel on myths about capitalism

At Daily Kos they are furiously trying to spin the Economic good news into good news for Democrats.  In other words, buck up blue dogs, following Obama's agenda will pay off. Check out the third graph and the desperate 4th graph trying to explain why voter perceptions are wrong. The 5th graph from Democracy Corps, shows the under water position of Democrats. Could it also be a precursor to a rationale for the election fallout in November?  It's not the President's fault we lost, the economic recovery just took longer than we imagined because (say it with me) it was Bush's fault the economy was so terribly awfully bad.  Our fix needed more time and voters got impatient.


  1. Reading Kos is like trying to drive a railroad spike through your brain.

    But, that Paul Mitchell guy REALLY knows what he is talking about!

  2. I liken Kos to brushing your teeth with sandpaper.

    But, that Paul Mitchell guy REALLY knows what he is talking about!


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