April 7, 2010

How liberals use shame to keep the black man down

If you're black, and you dare to be conservative be prepared for a backlash of furious insults and unfounded allegations. Breitbart has the story about how black conservative tea party backers take heat.  Welcome to the club. Being black doesn't single you out for ridicule or special treatment among conservatives (I'm looking at you Michael Steele), all it does from the liberal media and punditry is leave you open to a specific line of attack that differs from the attacks other conservatives endure.

Remember, even those who don't realize they are doing it, have been conditioned to not argue facts but follow Alinsky rule #5  - ridicule is the biggest weapon for the left.  It's because their policy ideas on merit, don't do well.

The fact of the matter is that African Americans have been a reliable voting block for Democrats, especially so for President Obama.  The left needs that voting block, and it intends to keep it.  They don't want their taken-for-granted constituency wandering off.  They don't want them seeing this sort of thing. The danger for them is that every African American who starts thinking outside THEIR BOX, risks spreading that knowledge.  They can't have that.  They have to attack African Americans who leave their Democrat base as patsies.  But we all know who the real patsies are.  It's the ones who hand over their votes on faith in a phony idea.

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