April 2, 2010

Oh, and it's some Christian holiday too.

Earlier this week it was reported on ABC some town in Iowa decided to rename Easter to 'Spring Holiday'.  The de-Christianification of America continues.  They cited separation of church and state as their reason. It's more like separation of city officials and brains. Despite the ever-receding influence of Christianity in American politics and culture, it is still the dominant religion on the planet and in the U.S. It has nevertheless been tarnished and sullied at every turn by various progressive zealots.

The latest example, today Google's main page.

Google often re-designs their logo on the main page to commemorate a historical event that occurred on that day. Today, on Good Friday, it was modified to look like this;

Nothing against Hans Christian Andersen, but for most Americans not the most important thing to recognize today.

The Christian belief of turning the other cheek matters with respect to personal slights.  Political diminution of Christianity is not that.  It is a crusade against the church and against Christianity itself. Christians would be well served to not turn the other cheek, but to debate, and debate vociferously for the retention of our heritage, our beliefs and values.  Not only do they matter to us, they are part of what shaped and built America.  The Protestant Work ethic for example drove American industrialization and productivity gains.  Even a non-Christian could see the benefit in that.

If you allow special interests to continue taking Christianty out of America, it will reach a tipping point.  The country's core will have been eroded.  It will be like a boat without a hull.  My advice - this is not a turn the other cheek moment.  It's more like onward Christian soldiers.


  1. Revival begins at the Church House and the people of God had better take a serious look at what is transpiring in America. Great Post, I enjoyed the write

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Dean O, you make a good point.


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