April 23, 2010

Friday Musical Interlude - Ending Soon

Posting musical content on the website on Fridays has been an enjoyable diversion but there are two problems with it.  Firstly, the content posted via links to Youtube is often copyrighted material that gets removed or has the audio overwritten.  So the posts are sometimes temporal at best. Secondly, they are a diversion from the main purpose of this blog.  I intend to replace the Friday Musical Interlude with something more relevant but still diversionary in nature.  Tricky.  Frankly I have no clue what yet, but by drawing a line in the sand, I will be forced to come up with something.

Hopefully you've enjoyed the music posts, but they will be ending with the final one on May 21st.  For now, enjoy some Screaming Blue Messiahs and the catchy "I Can Speak American".

1 comment:

  1. Well you did not want to disappoint Mr. Camping Dooms day did happen to your musical interlude. We might as well download the movie Zombyland because like you said we might be in it now. Lol


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