April 7, 2010

A Mean Look At What Unemployment Means

This is a long read but it's worth the drive. Paul Mitchell at mean ol' meany takes a sardonic look at the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers and what they mean for the current employment situation. Guess what, he's not impressed. But guess what, he's right. Bernanke seems to agree with him.

I won't steal Paul's thunder but one thing I found interesting in his post was the following;
Worst unemployed to jobs available ratio since they started keeping records of that spread. Of course, they only started that metric in the year 2000. Funny, to me, that would be the very FIRST metric that I would use to determine the jobs outlook, but the federal government did not even think to employ that metric until 2000? Wow, I have not even been trained in economics or business and that would be the FIRST thing that I would look for!
I find one thing very interesting about that - it didn't start until the year Presdient Bush was elected. You think maybe somebody wanted to use that ratio against Bush? I'm just asking the question. But I bet if it went back further, this would be the worst set of ratios since President Carter.

I'm just guessing mind you.


  1. Thanks a million for the link, but the best thing on that page is the story of The Twentieth Century Motor Company. I could listen to that one million times over.

  2. I agree, it's good stuff. Like I said, I didn't want to steal your thunder, just wanted to lead people there.

  3. Dean, my blog is free range posting. Stear whatever, whenever.


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