February 26, 2009

Open invitation for American doctors

So - you've decided to socialize your health care America. Good luck with that. Welcome to the league of neo-communist nations. As a disillusioned Canadian I'd like to extend an invitation. Seeing as there's bound to be a plethora of disenfranchised doctors in America, I'd like to propose that the Canadian government reverse it's position on socialized medicine and invite those unhappy American medical personnel to Canada.

[Yes, we are all THAT cool].

Over the past several decades we've lost many of our best and brightest doctors to the United States, where they've been allowed to operate (perhaps literally) under the auspices of the free market system. They were allowed to earn money commensurate with their skills and investment in their education. Now is Canada's opportunity to reverse that brain drain trend and get those best and brightest doctors back. Doesn't matter if they're ex-Canadian or born American, we can use them all.

So, you are most welcome to come to Canada. We've got great beer, great donuts, hockey, and the world's largest supply of Canadian flags. We also get HBO and MTV. Oh, and our taxes are going down (slowly, but hey, at least it's not going up $1 trillion). And our banks are safe - huge profits last year. What else? Oh yeah - The government of Alberta hands out money to people as a result of cash surpluses .


  • Elvis is here.
  • We eat steak and pizza and burgers with lobster at every meal.
  • There's an abundance of super-models. In fact 1 in 3 women in Canada is a certified super-model.
  • Workplace nudity is subtly encouraged.
  • Everything is FREE.
C'mon. We REALLY, REALLY need more doctors!!! America, send us your doctors!

I'm not kidding. I took my fiancee's daughter to emergency for a deep leg cut a couple of weeks ago, around 6:00 at night. They told us the wait would be until about 5:30 in the morning. Ouch. We couldn't go anywhere else - the clinics were all closed. It's really not good.

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