February 17, 2009

Venezuelan Election Fraud

On Sunday I posted an entry on Hugo Chavez' victory on the referendum to change the country's Constitution to allow him to run for President as often as he wants. In other words, to abolish term limits.

A very brave commenter from Venezuela posted a comment that gave me chills. He spoke about how the voting machines seemed to be set up to spoil the ballots those who voted against the amendment. It's very brave of someone living in Venezuela to do such a thing as it can have a negative effect on one's personal life. I don't know the extent of the negative impact, but I'm sure it's unpleasant.

I've tried to inform some more connected, high profile bloggers about this to see if there's any way to investigate the voting machines or anything else that can be done to verify this or at least cause scrutiny.

Later in the evening another anonymous comment came from inside Venezuela with more details. Given the bravery of the comments from with the country of Venezuela, I wouldn't dare risk exposing the commenter at all. They deserve and need their anonymity.

The second comment though, was even more chilling than the first. I'm asking anyone who reads this to please share the comments with anyone you can get to listen, particularly if you can share it with anyone at Fox News, or Hot Air or similar high enough profile organization to make a statement that might resonate. I realize this is only anecdotal evidence, but where there's smoke, there's bound to be fire.

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