February 20, 2009

Obamassiah - site of the moment

Just thought you should know, extreme hero worship in full effect, is on display HERE. We talk about Obama being viewed as the Messiah in the abstract. For some people it seems to be a little more concrete. It's enough to give you a chill up your spine (in a creeped-out sort of way).

In some cases this is what we are up against in the war for public opinion. That slavish devotion, that cult of personality, that level of adoration, does not uncouple overnight if at all. This is simply unhinged from reality and it's beyond being salvageable.

A sample of the rapture, pictured below:

Wow. Truly people, get a grip! I understand political fervor, and political leaning not being the same as my own. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But I don't think you could find one conservative who honestly thought Reagan was the "second coming". We just thought he had vision and great values and ideas.

There are more examples of Obama religiosity, like this one - For $17.95 you too can proclaim! Keep your eyes out for them. They should come with warning bells, so you don't get sucked in. But I suspect you know better anyway.

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  1. If this guy gets a head wound and recovers; I'm heading for the mountains and preparing for the final 3.5 years before the end.


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