February 27, 2009

Trickle-down Democrats

It turns out the Democrats do believe in trickle down economics. All of them except of course for Chris Matthews who apparently believes in going-up economics. But for the rest of them, its a different type of trickle down economics that they believe in. What they believe in, it turns out, is a misery trickle down.

And with the series of actions taken by the Congress, Senate and the Obama administration marching in lock-step towards socialism, trickle down misery is exactly what the believers will get.

Right now they are in that nether world of liberal joy/anguish that typifies their moral compass. They are elated still by the Obama win. They are excited about the changes he plans to enact and in fact has already moved on in some cases. On the more sinister side, they are pleased that the so-called rich are suffering and that their share of the tax burden will be rising to what they see as reasonable, confiscatory levels. That makes them happy.

On the other hand, liberals are as worried about the current economic condition as much as conservatives. While they do have Obama to "rescue" them, and they won't have to think for themselves about the future too much, that does speak to the future. Many are out of work now, or threatened by layoffs and employer bankruptcies. And then of course there's all that other work to be done and fret over - closing Gitmo, stopping torture, ramping up abortions, indoctrinating children, punishing Israel and rewarding Hamas - a liberal's work is just never done.

That bizarre state of anguish and hope - that's pretty much the best it can ever get for a liberal. Let's face it, despite the efforts of The One, a socialist utopia is an unattainable pipe dream. I'm not sure what type of pipe - ask your Messiah what pipes the cool kids use for their hits.

Given this is the best it can get for liberals, there will always be new rights to wrong, successes to reverse etc., then there's really nowhere to go but down. And this is where the trickle down misery comes in.

Liberals aren't happy apparently, unless someone else is as miserable or more miserable than they are. Obama's plan will certainly give liberals a short term fix in that regard. Business owner are going to suffer. The rich are going to be penalized for their success.

But a receding tide lowers all boats. That misery - fewer jobs, less credit, more restrictive employer environments and far more competition amongst employees for jobs - will trickle down to the liberal rank and file. And with that, the spread the wealth ideals of socialism have been turned into a spread the misery scenario. That's socialism. Share the wealth share the pain. For some, that's the way to go. The one thing that eludes me on what effect that will have is this: will that make liberals/socialists happy (to be miserable) or just miserable?

We can't be sure, but what we can be sure about is that whatever happens, Chris Matthews will be feeling the misery in a very different way than the rest of the country.

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