February 7, 2009

Economic house of cards

When you stand back and take a look at the individual elements of the Democrats approach to the economy, whether it be in relation to the current economic 'crisis' or in an overall view of their belief system, a clearer picture of things starts to emerge. It's something conservatives haven't effectively tried to connect the dots on. Their approach to every issue ties into some other aspect of their approach. It's either a clever holistic approach or a patchwork of disparate agendas piled on top of each other that require certain philosophical approaches to keep things from coming apart at the seams. The latter seems more plausible, because upon taking time to examine the the structural integrity of the interconnections, the house of cards really begins to crystallize.

A house of cards is built by layering on multiples of legs standing against each other for support. There's an inherent structural weakness in that removing one card can cause a collapse. When someone therefore, makes an Empire State Building out of cards, it's quite impressive - an achievement of effort, dedication and patience. When a group of people try to cobble together a political philosophy on the same principle, it's inherently dangerous - for them as a political movement, and for the country as a whole.

The Democratic party has a few legs it is able to stand on that, especially in light of a massive spending bill, that apparently will get passed in some form. But a few of the elements that lean on each other do so in some untenable ways. For example, Democrats favor a minimum wage at a fairly high level. But they also favor naturalizing illegal immigrants. Which means scads of cheap labor I suppose the theory goes. But then they favor extensive family planning and legalizing abortion, which probably inhibits domestic population growth in the lower income range more than other ranges. Which means that the re-supply of cheap labor has to come once again from immigration, and to get the numbers needed, means that would include illegal immigration sourcing. Not to mention that the whole tying together of these practices seems as anti-African American as it does pro-immigration. If the African American population is under served by the United States educational system (and elsewhere), then how is adding to the population doing anything to support that demographic? It's just crowding it out - and family planning isn't helping the matter any. Yet the African American community is a pillar of Democrat support. Would it continue to be if it realized the situation fully? Hence the house of cards.

A - minimum wage + B - naturalizing illegal immigrants = C - cheap labor BUT

D - family planning/abortion = E - lower income families reduced = F - reduced labor supply = G - more immigration needed + G - domestic lower income families disenfranchised.

Further looking at the foundations around that leg, another card is the ACORNs of the world. The Democratic party either blindly or with a blind eye, is indirectly engaged in voter fraud. So if that intersects with illegal immigrants being made able to vote, and tangible proof is found, the whole leg of naturalizing illegals, and not preventing illegal immigration is exposed as duplicitous and again, the house would come collapsing down.

Keep in mind that the liberal agenda is all about creating a dependant class, that can be manipulated and controlled by promising them what amounts to a meager share of the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. When you take the time to connect the dots, it's pretty easy to find all sorts of weak spots in the liberal agenda. That makes our job as conservatives a lot easier to define, and the opportunity for victory that much easier.

Next up - a couple of other legs to remove from the house of Democrat cards.

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