February 7, 2009

Republican Defectors: No guts, no brains!

President Obama says not passing the bill would be a national catastrophe. You've got it 180 degrees backwards Mr. President. The national catastrophe will be the passing of this bill. Senator Susan Collins is not a Republican defector on the stinkulus bill. She's not a Republican defector because my Republican detector registers a 0 on hero. A big fat ZERO. If you are a Republican, you are supposed to be a conservative.

Way to drag that bill over the finish line Senator. A bill that has a public support percentage level in the high 30's according to Rasmussen. Thankfully there's a chance in-fighting between the Senate and Congress could delay this enough for Collins, Specter and Snowe to emulate the sudden growth of internal fortitude that Senator McCain discovered a few months late. Only Senators, don't develop your guts late on this one.

Cutting $100 billion out of the bill is not sufficient. Cutting $700 billion out of it is not enough. There are better ways to revive the flagging economy. This is not it. If you are in Maine or Pennsylvania, and you are a conservative, please do America a favor and get on the phone, get on their websites and BLAST these Senators with the level of your disgust at their betraying conservatism, their betraying America and their cowardly actions of giving in to a President who has made more mis-steps in his first weeks than a 10 month old learning to walk.

This is not check your ideals at the door time. The Democrats will get their bill - your 3 votes make ZERO difference in supporting it but a wealth of difference in opposing it. If you are truly as cowardly as you are appearing now, how on earth did you get to be Senators? The weakness in the GOP senate is palpable.

Not surprisingly, I tried getting on to http://www.susancollins.com/contact, the site was off line for maintenance. Nice.


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