February 9, 2009

Lessons learned

Some advice Mr. President on dealing with foreign leaders over the coming years of your administration - take a cue from how well your supposedly bi-partisan approach has worked with Congressional and Senate Republicans - it hasn't. And it just goes to prove that you can't be friends with everybody, all of the time. Oh, sure you can pretend that everything will be cool and great while you are campaigning, but you are in the real world now Mr. President.

A press tour might convince people that you are reaching out, but it doesn't change the reality on the ground. Republicans, conservatives, don't like your ideas. Or Nancy's ideas. And so too, the majority of the public. They may not be keen on any particular alternative, but they know this stinkulus package is not the answer.

What's the lesson to be learned here? Well, there are several, but let's focus on the foreign policy learnings. Not everyone wants to be your friend Mr. President. And if you can't convince Republicans that they should just get along, how do you think that same approach will work any better with Chavez/Putin/Ahmadinejad/Jong Il?

And since I'm at it, let's add in a second learning - YOU WON. So guess what, no matter how hard you try to cover your 'bases', Republicans don't agree with this fiasco of a stinkulus package and you can't get them to buy in. THIS IS YOUR BABY. YOU OWN IT. Deal with it. If it fails, you get the blame. Why? Because YOU WON.

GOP - what's the take away for you? Gallup seems to be carrying Obama's water for him.

President Obama would appear to have the upper hand in the current focus on
Congress' efforts to pass a major economic stimulus bill. Not only does Obama
get much higher approval ratings for the way in which he is handling the
stimulus issue than do either the Democrats or, in particular, the Republicans
in Congress, but a majority of Americans agree with him that passing such a bill
is critically important for improving the nation's economy.

Somebody has got this wrong - Gallup or Rasmussen? No matter to the GOP. Hold your ground and if this bill passes without your buy in, which it will, and it goes down in flames as the most wasteful, ill-conceived idea EVER, which it will, you'll be in better shape for having stuck to your guns.

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