February 11, 2009

America - bigger than Obama

Something important conservatives need to be reminded - Obama is not the Grim Reaper. I say that not because I don't think he's toxic for liberty, justice, and entrepreneurial freedom - he is. But I say that because one man, even in the Presidency, cannot destroy a country and an ideal that has stood for hundreds of years in a mere four years.

Despite the fact that President Obama appears to believe that he is bigger than America (for example nominally putting himself above the partisanship of both parties, giving an air of I'm above this and you all had better be too or America will suffer), the reverse is in fact true. The United States is bigger than Obama, it's bigger than the Democrats, it's bigger than the Republicans, it's bigger than the spending spree the government is about to embark on. The United States is big. No, in fact it's massive.

Let's put a little context around it. The United States is the 4th largest country in the world by geographic area. Only Russia and Canada have more area, and lets face it - Russia and Canada have a lot of their geographies covered by permafrost and uninhabitable.

In terms of military resources it's big. Only China has more troops but they are poorly equipped and have inferior training. The US defense budget is as large as the rest of the world's combined. Tanks? Russia has 4 times as many and China almost as many, but Russia's volume of tanks aren't exactly Abrams quality. 50% of the world's aircraft carriers are American. Nuclear weapons - only Russia has more, but again less technological than America's. And as far as Air Force capabilities and number of aircraft - second to none.

In terms on natural resources it's big. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that could sustain itself in most any capacity with the notable exception of oil. This is a self-imposed short-coming that could be mitigated. Indeed, between a fully productive US, plus Canada and Mexico, the petroleum needs of North America could be met and so could electrical needs with more utilization of coal and nuclear power.

In terms of population, it's big. Only China and India are larger (though significantly so).

In terms of capital, it's massive. Until at least 2040 it has the largest GDP in the world. In 2000 if you combined the economies of China, Japan, Germany, The United Kingdom, India, Russia and half of Brazil's you would have had a comparable economy in size.

In terms of ingenuity it's big. The number of patents registered in the United States is as much as Japan and Germany combined or as much as the 6 next highest ranking countries combined.

So we know, America is big. It can face tests without crumbling. The Obama administration will indeed be a test, the same way Jimmy Carter's administration was a test. But America survived it. America has survived a lot, and it will survive Obama. I'm not saying people shouldn't stand firm against socialism, because ultimately something as big as America can really only be destroyed from within. There are lessons to be learned from the Roman empire about that.

But, to quote (or paraphrase?) the Emergency Broadcast System, 'this is a test, this is only a test'. The good news is America can pass this test. It's got the required components, all that's lacking is the actual fight. A test means you've got to work to pass the test. American's who care need to display the willpower to stand up to the de-Americafication of America. Stand up to socialism, and if in fact it gets imposed, tear it down as soon as possible - 2010, 2012.


  1. Make love not war and lets get to work.

  2. Excellent post. The true problem, though, is that millions upon millions of Americans will support him without care for what he's doing. The more he hands out, the bigger his fan base. The more illegals that come in the bigger his fan base. He and the Reid/Pelosi monster are trying everything they can to make themselves bigger than America - we just need to wake people up to see...and believe..that.

  3. J.E. Agreed on both points - that's what we have to fight - lack of knowledge on what's really happening.

    I've argued in other posts about the illegal immigration scenarios, and about a boots-on-the-ground approach towards reaching out to non-traditional Republican constituencies, who are often conservative but don't realize it and don't vote accordingly.

    Hispanics, legal ones which represent the majority of Hispanics, being a perfect example. They vote liberal but live conservative. We need to show them that their values align with conservative Republicans not liberal Democrats.


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