February 17, 2009

China Crisis - Part 3

Where will China be in 2050? Where will the US be?

I've talked about this before. The Chinese have the worlds largest military, though in terms of effectiveness and equipment, they certainly lag far behind America. In terms of their economy they are growing at a phenomenal rate and are expected to overtake the US as the world's largest economy in the coming decades. In terms of belligerence, it's hard to say.

Where will the United States be? That's even harder to say. Will it still be a superpower? Likely. Will it still be THE superpower? Less likely. Will it still be a power? Highly likely. Could it be a fiscally bankrupt shell of it's former self? Well, that IS possible.

Some seem content to let the rise of China allow it to surpass US preeminence to become the worlds greatest power. To that I say, hogwash. [Sometimes the way I write it would appear as though I'm living in the 1850's, but such is not the case, good sir.]

There is no reason an emerging China can not be both a boon and a threat to America. And there is certainly no reason to go quietly into that good night. The point being that America has an opportunity to profit, and profit greatly from an emerging mega-market if it plays it's card right. And perhaps that's the rationale behind the most favored nation status afforded the Chinese. America has an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with China, not constraint by the thinking that the resulting boom in trade is a zero-sum game.

Conversely, the United States must continue to innovate, strive for and achieve greatness. Japan has emerged as an economic power, and decades ago, it was perceived that they would be the ones to overtake America as the preeminent economic power. Yet America remains. And even more importantly, her ideals remain (if not in the current crop of pork-pushers, at least in the hearts and minds of men and women not only in America, but around the world). Given the will of those who are blessed by it, America as a nation will continually inhabit the international apogee, because America as a notion, is inviolable.

Now about that will part, it needs to be able to compete with a will like this;

and this;

and this;

I'm just letting you know.

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