February 21, 2009

Apologists pounce.

Apologists for Obama go after Santelli for his earlier tirade. Santelli does an admirable job staying calm and continuing to hammer home his point.

One can't fault MSNBC for trying to capitalize on the feedback by putting Santelli back on the air, especially in a potentially volatile situation with two apologists who think he's wrong. It's actually a good business decision to play off the buzz over Santelli's outburst on CNBC - something I though had long since lost the ability to do with it's news divisions.
Here's the BUT: MSNBC, clearly in the tank for Obama, allowed Santelli to make his point again. The fallout - MSNBC has put itself in a position where sound business decisions contravene it's political bent. Don't cry any tears for MSNBC. Their ratings are in the tank, because they are in the tank, and it looks good on them.

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