February 18, 2009

Just Avoid Welcoming Socialism


Here's what the arrival of socialism could look like to America. The instructional video also contains some suggestions on how to react in the event of a socialist attack.

1) Socialism lurks beneath the surface and doesn't come at you where you can see it - it tries to sneak attack you so that any defence is minimized.
2) Do not throw chum in the water (chum in this case being made from pork). This only attracts the socialists and puts you in danger.
3) Do not panic in a frenzied manner. This is what the socialism is looking for. As a corollary, inflatable raft thingies, will not provide any defence.
4) Do not ignore the problem. Hungry socialism sees you as lunch. Ignoring it because it's the 4th of July weekend will not do you any good.
5) Yes, you're going to need a bigger boat (boat meaning private sector, the socialist is the thing trying to eat you, remember? The boat offers some nominal protection, you still have to protect yourself).
6) In the end, the 2nd amendment right to bear arms is what saves the day from the socialist in the scenario below.
7) Most importantly, Quint is always cool. There's no way this guy would be a socialist. That right there ought to prove to you the fallacy of socialism.

Keep these points in mind while watching the documentary below on defeating socialism.

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