February 12, 2009

FBI reallocation recrimination

Jihad Watch is reporting that the new administration is shifting focus for the FBI away from counter-terrorism efforts and more towards fraud investigations in the banking sector.

Well that's dangerous.

And dumb.

And by dumb I mean DUMB. It takes they eyes of the terrorist threats, and just because Obama is "The One" TM, doesn't mean he's "The One" TM for Jihadis. And it doesn't mean that terror threats have mysteriously or suddenly abated. Nope. Sleep well America.

Another reason it's dumb is because if the FBI is going to go after bank fraud, doesn't that just lead to issues at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and that would lead back...home. Great deduction young Skywalker. Well, if nothing else maybe it will root out some Democrat corruption.

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