February 23, 2009

ACORN dissidents

Fox News is reporting an arrest in ACORN's Home Foreclosure Civil Disobedience Program.

Police in Baltimore today made what is believed to be the first arrest in a civil disobedience program aimed at supporting homeowners who refuse to vacate their foreclosed homes.

An activist with ACORN — the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now — faces criminal charges after breaking into a home in southeast Baltimore on Thursday to protest the foreclosure crisis sweeping the country.

"This is our house now," ACORN member Louis Beverly reportedly said after cutting a lock with bolt cutters at the home.

Beverly will be charged with fourth-degree burglary, according to Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Baltimore Police.

Well good for the police. these people are violating the law. They probably see themselves as defenders of those staking a claim on their rightful property:

Joe Cox, a community organizer for ACORN in Baltimore, said Monday's arrest was not a surprise.

"We definitely expected some kind of a response," Cox said. "We understand people have to do their jobs and we hope that they understand that we're doing this to highlight the issue."

Cox said he expects homesteading — refusing to vacate a foreclosed property — will become common as blame for the foreclosure crisis increasingly shifts from homeowners to financial corporations.

"This program is saying, 'We are not going,'" Cox said last week. "People say we're breaking the law, but we don't see how putting a person back in an abandoned property is harming anyone."

ACORN launched its "Home Savers" campaign in New York earlier this month and plans to expand the program to at least 22 other cities and three counties nationwide in the coming weeks.

Participants like Beverly say they will refuse to move out of foreclosed homes or reclaim properties altogether until a comprehensive federal housing plan takes affect.

In truth, these people are trying to assert a claim to property that has not been paid for. How can you legitimately claim a home that is 90% or more owned by the bank? You can't. It's tantamount to theft. And saying you will refuse to leave is more than civil disobedience, it's criminal. If you don't make your car payments or plasma TV payments what happens? It gets repossessed. This is larger in scale, but the same in nature.
It's all about the re-distribution of wealth, isn't it? ACORN is taking advantage of those who have taken advantage of a poorly designed system (see Community Reinvestment Act) in order to propagate a class warfare mentality, and an "I'm getting mine" siege mentality. Obama's in the White House, where's my free gifts? People who are in a $1900 per month mortgage they can't afford get no sympathy from me; I'm busting my butt to pay mine - why should you get special treatment because you can't afford yours?

In the words of Kevin Jackson, that's my rant.

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