February 7, 2009

More cards in the Democrats' house

Democrats have built themselves a house of cards. Not the Obama administration - 50 years of cobbling together a disparate group of specials interests has done so. But a house of cards, which can grow quite large is inherently weak, and easy to topple. Previously, Nonsensible looked briefly at the impact of immigration policy versus minimum wage policy, and it was in a word - non-sensible.

There are many more topple points. One interesting incongruity is the environmentalism embedded in the party. On the surface, it's very easy to be anti-pollution. Who wants pollution? It's another example of liberal arguments being emotional rather than intellectual. It's easy to say that we should keep the world clean. But when you get into specifics of how you want to go about doing that, you then realize the card in the house of cards runs contrary to some of the other cards it leans against. In the most obvious case, is another liberal card - unions. One of the main culprits of the economic degradation is humanity and its use of the automobile. The UAW needs an auto industry to create cars so it can create jobs.
But the automobile is anathema to environmentalism. The Democrats have to please a constituency that is against an industry that employees supporters to whom the Democrats are also beholden.

They couch this in the the intangible in that they will create millions of new 'green' jobs thereby placating both interests. But where the rubber meets the road, how do these new green cars magically appear? There's no plan for that. There's no reasonable time frame that transitions the production to electrical engines and manages to maintain jobs. Just mandates for tougher environmental standards that get imposed on auto makers and risk worsening margins and forcing layoffs. And there's the fabled millions of green jobs that will, pardon the pun, take root immediately apparently. It's a house of cards.

To further complicate matters they oppose offshore drilling. ANWR drilling. Any drilling. They probably oppose dental drilling. They then argue that $700 billion in transfers to oil producers is a bad thing for America. It is. But why does it exist? Because of overly cautious environmental protectionism has crippled domestic energy production. It's resulted in a loss of jobs, a loss of revenue and a transfer of funds to questionable nations, in addition to doing nothing to prevent the increase in the domestic or worldwide purchasing of automobiles.

A - preventing domestic power production (drilling) + B - a green plan without any planning or basis in reality = C - job losses for the United Auto Workers.

It's a house of cards. More cards, will follow.

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