February 5, 2009

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, I thought I'd give a nod to a couple of black conservatives (or a shout out, if you will), who represent conservatism in a positive manner, and just happen to be black.

To me personally, how a person represents him or herself, how they carry themselves, their character and moral fiber is the definition of that person, not anything as superficial as skin color.
When I meet a black man, I don't see a black man, I see a person whom I do not yet know and will get to know over time and decide whether I like him on his own merits. I think that should be a non-partisan approach to how to deal with people. Although Democrats do seem fond of pigeon-holing people by race, gender, sexuality etc. To me that detracts from an individual's individuality. Conservatism, by it's nature embraces individuality because it embraces the freedom that allows people to pursue their own destiny, make their own mistakes, and be themselves as long as it doesn't negatively impact the rights and freedoms of others.

Republicans are not immune from prejudice, and I'm not suggesting they are. But by the nature of their beliefs, they are less likely to view someone through the prism of a special interest group, which takes away from their individuality, and therefore freedom.

In any case here are two examples of African American men with whom I'd rather spend time than Al Franken (okay, I'm more fond of their politics than that, sorry for the insulting comparison gentlemen).

Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere. Great writing, intelligent analysis and an interesting blog. I encourage you to read his blog.

The other one who is worth listening to is the guy from MachoSauceProduction on youtube. Here's a sample;

I tried to follow his blog link, but it's been removed.

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