February 3, 2009

Don't Do It Senator Gregg

Obama, again trying to be too clever by half, is considering Republican Senator Gregg of New Hampshire as a replacement nominee for Commerce Secretary. Recently in an analysis of 2010 I discussed the possibility of Gregg hanging on to his senate seat, which is up in 2010. He remains the lone Republican Senator in New Hampshire. By taking Gregg into his cabinet, Obama hopes to accomplish a couple of things.

Obama is possibly hoping that he can have Gregg's replacement be a Democrat, thus tipping the balance further towards Democrats, prior to an invalid seating of comedian Al Franken in the Minnesota contested seat. Between the two of those, Democrats are that much closer to quashing the filibuster option of Republicans in the Senate. Reports this morning have reduced that possibility. According to Newsmax, Obama has agreed that there would be a Republican replacement for Gregg's vacated Senate seat.

But Obama's subterfuge goes beyond that though, Gregg's replacement is inevitably an easier pick-off for Democrats than a longer tenured Gregg. Further, having another Republican on his team at the time of a standoff on the stimulus package, makes it harder for the GOP to obstruct his ultra-liberal agenda. The KOS-bots are already speculating.

Gregg simply has to refuse the offer. There is no real Republican upside to this.


  1. No Republican upside to this?

    Is there a USA upside to this? I don't expect you to see my point. Like Tom Swift said, "You can't reason a man out of a position he hasn't reasoned himself into."

    Neil Raden

  2. An American upside? There is an answer to that, but it depends on your perspective. Could you expand a little on your point? I'm not sure where you were headed with your comment.


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