February 6, 2009

Dictator Watch - Iran's Safir rockets

They're coming - just as sure as the Fairness Doctrine is coming. Iran is seemingly desperate to develop the capability to launch rockets in an intercontinental way. They've successfully tested what appears to be either a 2 or 3 stage rocket, ostensibly for the purposes of launching a domestic satellite. However, what better way for a terrorist state to test a launch vehicle for a weapon of mass destruction than to launch a satellite for some other purpose such as telecommunications?

It's not like it takes a wild leap of the imagination to calculate that Iran, has ulterior motives. It is steadfastly pursuing a nuclear program 'for peaceful purposes', and a rocket program 'for peaceful purposes' and desires to 'wipe Israel off the map', and is opposed to the United States which it deems 'the great Satan'. They have had a longstanding support for terrorist activities. So why they, is it so difficult to believe that they just might be interested in some offensive nuclear threat?

Let's not forget that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called Iran a threat to Israel and America.

Seems pretty clear. But will it be different under Obama's administration?

Seems a little toned down. But this, seems downright apologist and naive:

Let's hope that more level headed analysis prevails and the same vetting that went into Richardson, Daschle et al., isn't the same level of background checking that Obama is using on Iran.

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